Background to Scheme

The town of Selkirk is located on the River Ettrick in theScottish Borders. It has a long history of damaging floods from the River Ettrick and more recently from the Long Philip Burn.

Aerial View of Selkirk





The last major flood from the River Ettrick was in October 1977 when flooding of the Ettrick and Yarrow Waters caused extensive inundation throughout the Ettrick Valley, at Philiphaugh in Selkirk and Lindean just past Selkirk. Localised flooding occurred in other areas including within the Riverside Business Area. This flood, however, is remembered for destroying the 'auld Selkirk Stane Brig' and effectively severing the town in two. Video footage of the moment the bridge was destroyed can be viewed here.

More recently, in May 2003 and August 2004 severe flash flooding on the Long Philip Burn inundated over 100 properties in the Bannerfield Area and caused significant damage to Selkirk Rugby Club. (more details)

Following these events, Scottish Borders Council (SBC) commissioned a number of studies and conducted a prioritisation exercise which identified Selkirk as a high priority for investment in flood protection measures. This resulted in SBC taking forward Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme (FPS) as a major project to tackle the issues of flooding in Selkirk. The project formally commenced in October 2009 with Halcrow Group Limited being engaged by SBC to undertake the Project Design.

As a formal Flood Protection Scheme, the Selkirk FPS must be designed in accordance with the appropriate guidance issued by the Scottish Government. It will be one of the first such projects submitted for approval under the new Flood Risk Management (Scotland) 2009 Act. (more details)

Project Brochure

Please click on the image below to view a copy of a leaflet which was distributed to all businesses and residential addresses in the Ettrick Catchment in May 2010. Whilst this is now a few years out of date, it still provides some valuable background and contact information.

Download project leaflet