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21/11, 17:40 - A flood alert has been issued for the Scottish Borders. Check SEPA website, via the link below, for details.

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Thank you for visiting the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme website. This website has been created to provide information about the Scheme and to give you the opportunity to comment or ask questions through the feedback page.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about any aspect of the Scheme please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will always respond, although given the scale and nature of the project this may take a few days. We have also added a Question & Answers section to the website where you can find answers to the questions which are frequently posed to the Project Team. You are also welcome to pop into our offices on South Bridge Street where a member of the Project Team will be available (during office hours) to answer any questions you may have.
We hope you find this website useful and look forward to providing a further update about the Main Works in the coming months.



Photo of the Month - June 2016


Common Riding cavalcade passes through the new Riverside flood gate.

Photo of the Month - May 2016


Culvert units being installed under Dunsdale Haugh in front of Oregon Timber.

Photo of the Month - April 2016


Level Crossing Road extension and the Community Recycling Centre take shape.

Photo of the Month - March 2016


The new Ettrickhaugh Road footbridge is installed.

Photo of the Month - February 2016


Riverside Road flood wall with brick cladding to reflect the heritage of the Riverside mill buildings.


Latest news

Community Art Projects - the Scheme is looking for artists to design and install three public art installations at key locations next to the new flood defences. More information is available on the Creative Scotland website. The Scheme's Project Team is hosting another site visit for interested artists on Wednesday 26th October at 1pm, meeting at the South Bridge Street compound. If you plan to attend this please send a brief email to

2016 News Page updated - click here

A community meeting was held for Bannerfield residents on Wednesday 10th August – click here to view the presentation.

Issue 8 of SFPS Newsletter - click here

The footpaths through Philiphaugh (Ettrickhaugh Road to the Waterwheel Café and Murray's Cauld), Bannerfield (A707 to Murray Place) and Riverside (South Bridge Street to Level Crossing Road) have now all reopened to the public. Please be aware that finishing works and some landscaping operations are continuing in these areas.

The Recycling Centre will reopen on Monday 25th July. Click here.

If you have any questions about the Scheme you can contact us via the the feedback page or by emailing

The Scheme will be taking part in Selkirk Doors Open Day in September. More information to follow.

Dunsdale Haugh remains closed between Belmont Motors and Oregon Timber with traffic being diverted onto Level Crossing Road. The work to installed the new culvert units under the road is currently on programme and Dunsdale Haugh is expected to reopen in the late summer.

On 17th June the Common Riding cavalcade was able to return to its traditional route along Riverside Road and successfully ford the Ettrick Water. The Project Team met with the Common Riding Trust a number of times in advance of Common Riding Day to ensure any potential issues were resolved. A further meeting will be arranged in the coming weeks to allow a review to be undertaken to ensure any potential impacts on future Common Ridings are minimised.

The temporary road bridge at Corby Linn has now been removed and work on transforming the temporary access road into a new footpath is underway. A new footbridge will be installed across the Long Philip Burn where the temporary road bridge was and a new boardwalk will link this new footpath to Corby Linn Road.

Work on installing new erosion protection downstream of Bridge Street footbridge has now started. This erosion protection is not part of the Scheme and as such additional funding and SEPA licenses have been secured to allow it to be undertaken. The work is necessary as a result of erosion of this riverbank during the winter 15/16 storms.

The Public Information Room at the main site compound on South Bridge Street has been updated and there is now a full suite of progress photos available to view. Please pop by if you have any questions about the Scheme.

The new Ettrickhaugh Road footbridge is now open. The footpaths from this footbridge to the Cauld are also complete and the landscape through this area is starting to recover after a year of significant civil engineering works.

Scheme Landscaping Plans have been uploaded  - click here.

New FAQ - Why is the gravel island at Bridge Street Footbridge not being removed? Click here for the answer.

Work starts on the construction of the new plaza areas at Bridge Street footbridge.

New footbridge across the Philiphaugh Mill Lade at Ettrickhaugh Road is installed.

The footbridge at Bannerfield allotments is closed to allow works to proceed in this area.

New road layout on the A707 and A708 around the triangular field. Rights of Way have changed, with traffic coming from Corby Linn or the hotel now required to give way to traffic already on Linglie Road (the A708). Particular attention should be given to the new road markings.

Selkirk Library Information Area: A member of the Project Team will be available at the library on Thursdays between 2pm and 3.30pm and on Fridays between 12noon and 2pm. Please pop by if you have any questions about the Scheme.

New progress photos added to the Photos pages

Bridge Street and St Mary's Mill footbridges reopen. Click here

Project Programme page updated. Click here

Time lapse video of bridge installation now available to view. Click here

New Construction Updates. Click here

Bridge Street footbridge successfully installed. Click here

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