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Thank you for visiting the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme website. This website has been created to provide information about the Scheme and to give you the opportunity to comment or ask questions through the feedback page.

The main construction works continue to progress well and are on programme for completion towards the end of the year.  During 2015, 33 (out of 38) Work Sections were opened up and, at the time of writing, three Work Sections are complete and 15 are nearing completion with final snagging, reinstatement and planting ongoing.

During January RJ McLeod will commence work at Work Section 1A on the A708 (this will require a lane closure & temporary traffic lights) and in the coming months the final four Work Sections on the Shaw Burn and through Dunsdale Haugh will get underway. It is worth noting that works on Dunsdale Haugh will require a full road closure for an extended period during the summer months – a local diversion route, avoiding the town centre, is being planned and details will be provided in due course via this website and our regular newsletters. (Issue 5 of the Newsletter can be viewed here. Issue 6 will be published in early March).

In recent weeks the Scottish Borders, like many parts of the United Kingdom, has experienced several periods of heavy and prolonged rainfall which have resulted in high river levels and severe flooding in a number of areas - most notably (in the Borders) in Hawick during Storm Desmond in early December and in Peebles during Storm Frank in late December. While the eventual impact on Selkirk was far less severe, both storms caused water levels in the Ettrick Water to rise and both had the potential to cause significant flooding in low lying areas of the town – indeed, a small number of properties at Dunsdale Haugh and in Lindean did experience some localised flooding.

On Thursday 3rd December there was a flash event on the Long Philip Burn causing it to rise extremely quickly and burst its banks in a number of locations.  The Scheme’s partially complete defences (new meandering channel and flood embankments) along the lower section of the burn together with the emergency measures implemented during this event prevented flooding in the Bannerfield area. It is estimated that there was twice as much water in the Long Philip Burn system than the old channel could have coped with.

During Storm Desmond on Saturday 5th December, the flood risk moved from the Long Philip Burn to the Ettrick Water. The river level increased throughout the day and peaked at 2.84m at approx. midnight. The Project Team’s assessment is that the river levels experienced during Storm Desmond would, historically, have caused flooding.

During Storm Frank on 30th December, the water level in the Ettrick Water rose again and peaked at 2.94 metres in the early evening. This is understood to be the highest water level in the Ettrick since October 1977 when it peaked at 3.08 metres, severe flooding was experienced and the main road bridge collapsed. Had this river level been experienced prior to the Scheme being constructed, severe flooding would have resulted.

The recent adverse weather has tested the Scheme’s defences - it is rare for partially complete flood protection scheme’s to be tested by relatively high flow events during the construction period, and even rarer for them to be tested repeatedly. The initial assessment is that on each occasion the defences have operated as they were designed to, however the Project Team is surveying the defences and reviewing the available data to assess any impacts and identify if any remedial works or alterations are required. Furthermore, the St Mary’s Loch Intelligent Water Management System, which became operational late last year, also operated as per the design and appears to have reduced the peak water levels in Yarrow and Ettrick Waters during, and after, each storm.

The Project Team closely monitors the weather forecasts and predicted river levels and during storms like those experienced last month, is in close contact with the council’s Emergency Planning Team to ensure that an appropriate response is provided. Throughout such storm events updates are provided on this site via the red box at the top of the page.

As always, If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about any aspect of the Scheme please don’t hesitate to contact us through the feedback page – we will always respond, although given the scale and nature of the project this may take a few days. We have also added a Question & Answers section to the website where you can find answers to the questions which are frequently posed to the Project Team. You are also welcome to pop into our offices on South Bridge Street where a member of the Project Team will be available (during office hours) to answer any questions you may have.
We hope you find this website useful and look forward to providing a further update about the Main Works in the coming months.

Conor Price

Senior Project Manager
January 2016


Photo of the Month - December 2015

Ettrick Water during Strorm Frank on 30th December 2015, at St. Mary's Mill footbridge.

Photo of the Month - November 2015

New meandering Long Philip Burn channel through Angles Field and initial replanting works.

Latest news

The next Bannerfield Information Evening will be held on Wednesday 3rd February at 6.30pm in Philiphaugh Community Centre. Let us know via the feedback page if you have any questions about the works through Bannerfield and we'll provide the answers next Wednesday.

New road layout on the A707 and A708 around the triangular field. Rights of Way have changed, with traffic coming from Corby Linn or the hotel now required to give way to traffic already on Linglie Road (the A708). Particular attention should be given to the new road markings.

UPDATE: Cross Keys Information Area: This facility is now closed to allow repairs to be undertaken in the building. From January 2016 a new Information Area will open at Selkirk Library. A member of the Project Team will be available at the library on Thursdays between 2pm and 3.30pm and on Fridays between 12noon and 2pm. Please pop by if you have any questions about the Scheme.

The works in front of Oregon Timber, which will require the closure of Dunsdale Haugh, will be undertaken during the summer. Contrary to some press reports, there will be no closure of Dunsdale Haugh in February.

Temporary closure of Selkirk Community Recycling Centre from Monday 8th February - click here for more information.

Resurfacing works are to be undertaken at the junction of the A707 and A708 and over the new road bridge (at Philiphaugh Community School) on Thursday 14th January. Traffic Management will be in operation and some delays are likely.

FRM Strategies Launch - Click here to watch a video about the launch and the new strategies.

The Minister for the Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform - Dr Aileen McLeod MSP - visited Selkirk this morning, Monday 11th January, to launch the Scottish Government's new Flood Risk Management Strategies. The launch event was held at the Scheme's Main Site Compound and was also attended by Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Calum Kerr MP, Cllr David Parker and SEPA CEO Terry A'Hearn. Click here for more information.

WS-1A A708 Flood Protection Wall: Work to commence on Monday 11th January. Lane Closure and Temporary Traffic Lights will be in operation.

New FAQ - Why is the gravel island at Bridge Street Footbridge not being removed? Check back soon for the answer.

New progress photos added to the Photos pages

Issue 5 of Main Works Newsletter. Click here

Information about the Scheme's response to the adverse weather in early December and the high flow events on the Long Philip Burn and Ettrick Water is available on our 2015 News Page. Click here

Click here to read a BBC News article on Selkirk FPS works at St Mary's Loch.

Click here to read a Selkirk Weekend Advertiser article on the recent storms and high river levels through Selkirk.

Click here to read a Border Telegraph article on the recent adverse weather and high river levels through Selkirk and how the partially complete Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme prevented flooding.

October & November News updated. Click here

Following a 4 week consultation period, plans for WS-1A, A708 Flood Wall are now being finalised. Work will commence in January 2016. Thanks to those who responded to the consulation - all responses are now being reviewed. Click here for information.

Project Team holds a meeting with residents of Lindean to provide an update on the Scheme and works to be undertaken in 2016.

Project Team holds a Community Meeting for Ettrickhaugh Road residents to provide an update on works in this area. These works are expected to be completed in Spring 2016.

The A707 road bridge (at the school) is partially reopened with traffic being controlled by temporary traffic lights. A section of the A708 is currently closed with a localised diversion around the 'Angles Field' in place.

Bridge Street and St Mary's Mill footbridges reopen. Click here

Project Programme page updated. Click here

Time lapse video of bridge installation now available to view. Click here

Tree and vegetation clearance undertaken between Oregon Timber and the A7 and at Raeburn Place - this work is in preparation for the main works starting here in early 2016.

New Construction Updates. Click here

Works in the river channel (i.e in the water) completed for 2015. Work in the water is restricted to June, July, August & September - a huge amount was acheived during the summer with further work to be undertaken next summer.

Car-park just off the A707 (between the rugby pitch & Philiphaugh Farm Cottages) to close for up to 27 weeks from 17th September to allow works on the new road bridge and burn realignment to proceed.

Bridge Street footbridge successfully installed. Click here

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