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Thank you for visiting the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme website. This website has been created to provide information about the Scheme and to give you the opportunity to comment or ask questions through the feedback page.

At the time of my last update, Scottish Borders Council had just awarded the Main Works Contract to RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd, work was ongoing in finalising plans for the delivery of the main construction works and work had just started on setting up our main site compound at South Bridge Street. We are now fully established in Selkirk and with each passing week additional workforce and machinery arrives on site to meet our programmed requirements – we now have over 130 people employed by the Scheme, a number of whom are local to Selkirk, and dozens of pieces of plant and machinery, big and small, in use across the Scheme.

The summer period will see activity peak in a number of areas as we seek to take advantage of the good summer weather (hopefully!). There are now works ongoing in 15 of the Scheme’s 38 work sections and works have been completed in one section (WS-36 at St. Mary’s Loch).  More work sections will be completed through the coming months and it will be important to take a full review of progress by the end of 2015.  That said, it is worth noting that the first key completion milestone at St. Mary’s Loch (which is programmed to be operational by November thereby ensuring that its flood risk reduction capacity is realised before the onset of another winter storm season) is on programme.

The arrival of June meant that we were able to begin work in the water environment: over the past few weeks we have installed a temporary dam across the northern channel of the Ettrick Water (at the gravel island at Bridge Street footbridge) and have now started work on constructing the piers and abutments for the new footbridge (which will be installed later in the summer).  In the coming weeks, the temporary dam will be relocated to the southern channel to allow works to progress. Activity in the river will continue until the end of September and throughout this period there is a risk of some sediment release and discolouration downstream although measures are in place to manage this risk.

In April, Issue 2 of our Main Works Newsletter (which can be read here) was distributed to all residential properties and businesses within the Ettrick Catchment (plus a few in Galashiels and Hawick whose postcodes overlap boundaries). The positive response to this has led us to continue with this catchment-wide distribution – Issue 3 (which has just gone to print) will be distributed in mid-July and will be available on the website soon after.  We hope you find these newsletters useful and informative and welcome any thoughts or comments you may have.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about any aspect of the Scheme please don’t hesitate to contact us through the feedback page – we will always respond, although given the scale and nature of the project this may take a few days. We have also added a Question & Answers section to the website where you can find answers to the questions which are frequently posed to the Project Team.
We hope you find this website useful and look forward to providing a further update about the Main Works in the coming months.

Conor Price
Senior Project Manager
June 2015


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