Flood Risk

Scottish Border's Council's consulting engineers for the Scheme, Halcrow Group, have completed the computer model of the Ettrick Water, the Long Philip Burn and the Shaw Burn to predict the extent of flooding for a range of scenarios. This updated model will enable us to identify the land and properties which are at risk from flooding and the associated depth of flooding.

The maps below show the most up to date representations of this flood risk for the Ettrick Water, the Long Philip Burn and the Shaw Burn for the 0.5% AEP flood event*. Although these maps represent the culmination of the flood modelling work, they are for information purposes only and may be subject to change without notice.

WNSFPD_005.020.flood.depth_LPB_200plusCC_A3WNSFPD_006.020.flood.depth_SB_200plusCC_A3 WNSFPD_000.020.flood.depth_200plusCC_A3

*0.5% AEP stands for the 0.5% Annual Exceedance Probability flood event which means the flood event which, statistically, has a 1 in 200 chance (0.5%) of occurring in any given year. This does not mean the flood event will occur once every 200 years! It could occur next week and the week after that or may not occur for 500 years.